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May 16th, 2013

Google is Ready to Crack a Whip on Black Hat and Link Spammers Post this Summers

Few of SEO and Internet Marketing companies until recently used to be over-indulgent and practiced Black Hat SEO strategies and link spamming.  The ultimate purpose was to rank online businesses on top in the search engine results. However, Google – the Monarch of All Search Engines and SEO activity, is all ready to crack the whip on those SEO and Internet Marketing companies going for the Black Hat SEO and Internet Marketing Companies.

Remember there is no salvation for the online businesses, if they are not serious about ethical SEO and Link building procedures. In order to stop the unethical processes, Google is ready to:

  • Launch Penguin 4 (AKA Penguin 2.0) – The penguin update will launch in a period of few weeks and this will have wider and deeper impact than the earlier version of Penguin update.
  • Stop Spammed Web Advertorials – In case of the online businesses which are not using the web advertorials in accordance with the webmaster guidelines, Google is all set to take stronger stand and stop the advertorials.
  • Stop the Spammy Queries – In a sheer stance, Google is writing stringent rules to target the porn related and other queries which are nothing more than spams.  The spam team at Google is all serious to address the concerns and thwart back spammy queries effectively.
  • Scrutinize the Link Networks –With the simpleton mission to control the activities of link spammers out there, Google will be scrutinizing and analyzing the link networks and their potential resources.
  • Give More Detailed Link Analysis – In the months to come, Google will put in use state of the art “Link Analysis Software” and this would give tremendous power to analyze the links and their probable resource networks.
  • Effectively Detect/Remove Hacked Websites – Google is planning to get better on the webmaster communication and give the webmasters forewarning on the hacked websites and removing them from the listing, altogether.
  • Increase the Rank of Authority Websites – In case there are authority websites in specific industry segment, Google will work out the strategy to boost the Page Rank. For the websites showing authority in travel or textiles, Google will show the precedence of queries as compared to websites which lack the authority.
  • Judge the Impacted Websites on New Quality Parameters- Google is planning to take soft stand on the websites which are borderlines cases or have suffered as the result to Panda updates. Here Google is gaining through the testimony of its own quality parameters.
  • Fine Tuning the Domain Clusters – Google is thinking and substantiating on the plans to reduce the same domain clusters listing on the first, second and subsequent pages of Google’s search engine results. This would eventually make the search results assorted.
  • Check the Content Quality – Response to meet the criteria of content quality would mean Google will be analyzing every part of content, which also includes logical flow, semantics and the syntactical meaning as well.
  • Limit the Content Using Overstuffed Keywords and Links – Over a period of few months, Google is strategizing on taking the action on the way the keywords and key phrases will be used within the article body.
  • Analyze the Content at Content Farms- Google is tweaking its search engine algorithms to analyze and exterminate the “Content Farms.” These crappy websites are sure to face the ire of the Monarch and less likely to come in the crawling results.
  • Launch New Version of Disavow Tool to Control the Link Farms Activity– For the websites which are receiving bad links or show link spams, Google’s Disavow tool is there to warn and ultimately remove the spammy links from the website.

It seems quite clear that the purpose of Google is applying straightforward strategy in the coming months- No unethical internet marketing practices!

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March 25th, 2008

What is Press Release Marketing: An Introduction to Press Release Marketing

What is Press Release Marketing: An Introduction to Press Release Marketing:

Do you run any online business? If yes, you would know the importance of press release marketing. First of all, there is a need to understand what press release marketing is and how it works for your website. Actually, a press release is considered as a strong article that is finished in a journalistic style and pattern. The aim of creating a press release is to highlight the most interesting news, parts and features about a company or a website. Thus, press release marketing comes as an amazing tool of internet marketing that helps your business or website gain benefits.

In fact, press release promotion is essential for your website or online business, if you want to bring into the notice of visitors from all over the world. The press release promotion services are offered by a PR marketing company that you can find making a search on internet. A PR marketing firm release the information about your website, products and services in a very powerful and interesting manner that force people to visit your site once.

If you also wish for hiring press release promotion services for your website, you can quickly go with PR marketing firm in order to make your online company available using best PR marketing techniques. Since press release promotion is a good idea that you can use to spread good and healthy news about your company.

Press release promotion services are considered the best tool of internet marketing. Avail them to meet the challenges for your website!

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