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January 8th, 2009

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)

What is PPC (Pay per Click)?
PPC is a model used for advertising your website which is totally based on compensate for performance basis. PPC actually allow you to advertise your business on the search pages based on the keyword or phrase match which have good search. PPC is based on very basic concept to pay only to when you get a visitor. Here is an example of PPC Ads on Google:


You can see some website links on top and right side of search engine page with heading “sponsored Links” in the above image, these are websites sponsored by search engines and advertisers have to pay search engine @ per click. Advertisers have to pay online when someone clicks on the link on the basis of per click. So it is named as PAY PER CLICK.

Search Engine Pay per Click is mostly based on the bid i.e. the sum of money ready to pay for particular keyword with which you are interested in marketing and that amount of money is called CPC (Cost per Click). When any internet user searches for that particular keyword your site would appear in the top according to your bid you have made for that keyword. Keep in mind the rank in search engine is directly proportional to the amount of bid you have made. So be sure before making a bid! It can the best way to attract traffic and also can ruin your dream business.

PPC (Pay per Click) is also known in many other different names but basic functionality and the method of working is almost same:-

  • Performance Based Advertising
  • Pay for Search Engine Ranking
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • CPA (Cost Per Action)
  • CPA (Cost Per Impression)
  • P4P (Pay for Placement)
  • CPE (Cost Per Engagement)
  • CPT (Cost Per Thousand)

Here is something for which you should AWARE while investing money on Pay Per Click (PPC) Program!
When people intentionally start clicking on your paid links in search pages and you have to pay for each pay without getting any business. It is known as click fraud in search engine world. Since it is known to everyone that you have to pay for per click on the link even to your competitors! They can make you run out of capital by hiring the people only for clicking on your link. But not to worry! Here is solution: Good PPC search engine have way to protect you from click fraud, so contact them immediately if you feel any such problem!

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August 8th, 2008

Pay Per Click (PPC): Advantages of PPC (Pay Per Click)

Advantages of Pay Per Click (PPC):
PPC Advertising can produce instant result. Anyone can easily ensure positive Return on advertisement Investment by using creative techniques. The payback of Pay Per Click advertising consist of optimized customer achievement, market saturation, immediate top placement, quick, and optimization of the conversion process. Its advantages along with its features are flexibility and definite results are:

Instantaneous Result: Unlike to any other method of advertising, PPC produces the instant results. All the changes made by advertiser go live without wasting any time. While other methods as On-Page, Off-Page takes time to go live. Best part of it is business man can advertise seasonal discount, latest offer with no delay. And therefore PPC can produce instant results.

Fix own Budget: Greatest problem of small business personal is that many time they run out of budget they can not able to tailor the expenses. So one of the best solutions is PPC it provide you facility to fix your amount in the beginning.

Simple Execution: PPC follow very simple execution step and its implementation is very easy. For changing PPC advertisements no need to change a single line in your webpage. Even if your site is not ready to live you can run PPC campaign for it and can place ad for it.

Selection of Keyword: PPC is all about selecting correct keyword. If you make a bid on right keyword it can give you business and if fails it will harm you surely.

Start with Small Investment: Think about a fatty person wants to loose his fat and a JIM providing him with facility to pay fee per pound he loose! PPC works exactly in the same concept to pay only when you get visitor otherwise it is free. What it exactly need is to pay initial fee for set up account in search engine.

Global Exposure: Since most of the searching covered the whole market. According to a survey Google alone covered 70% of market. Not only Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing are also big players of this field.

Popularity of Product: Using this latest technique you can identify demand of your new product in the market on basis of response develop by clicking over the link of the product.

Optimized Customer: The person who clicks on your link definitely has some knowledge about your business initially and interest in your product. So you do not need to impress him through attractive design etc. Here you need to concentrate only at the business and products.

Close to Online Customer: PPC provide you the facility to reach near the optimized customer through a just simple ad showing some of your services on the search engine pages. When anyone clicks on the PPC take you into entire yellow pages.

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